Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2009
Age: 8

 Muki was adopted from PAWS Chicago where he had kennel cough and was recovering from scratches on his back (they say he must have been attacked by an animal). Since then he has recovered mostly but has some nerve damage in his tail and lower back.

Regardless of that he is a handful of fun and adventure. He loves to run laps around the house every day and look for things to destroy. He has chewed "window" holes in all my blinds.. broke my nail polish, knocked over the light into my aquarium, ate my cactus plant, ran outside countless times and stole other peoples dinner ) preferably meat. He also has a habit of humping all my fluffy blankets even thought he is neutered... O_O He is a troublemaker.

When he is not being a butt and biting people ..because he can.. he is actually a very sweet cat. He loves to cuddle on peoples lap and purr. If you run his chin..he will drool on you though >_>

Favorite toys: Feather toys, cat wands, lazier pointer

Favorite Treats: MEAAAAAAATTT

Videos of Muki:

How to give a cat a bath..safely

Do you want to give your cat a bath..but not die a horrible death at the hands of kitty claws? Then this is the video for you.

Yes.. he tried to eat my cactus..

Muki..the destroyer of all things..


This is an old one but a goodie. Sneak peak into the life with Muki.

Muki talks!

I'm pretty sure Muki only spoke in ONE episode of the Banana show..and this is the one.