Breed: Dwarf Lionhead mix
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 22 2015
Age: Almost 2 years old

 We bought Mochi as a baby from our local Pet Supplies Plus store. Looking back now.. I wish I got a bunny from a reputable breeder or shelter because she is very under-socialized. Nevertheless we love Mochi very much. She is potty trained and that means that she is a house bunny most of the day where she has access to prance and hop around. She gets along with all my other pets and sometimes naps next to Banana the Border Collie. 

She is very sassy, confident, and curious!

Mochi had a really bad infection and had to have surgery and have her eyed removed. 

Favorite toys: Wooden toys

Favorite Treats: Veggies and Timothy Hay

Update: Mochi is no longer with us.

She passed away on May 25th

Videos of Mochi:

Mochi Recovery

Mochi is getting better, so here she is being cute with Banana.

Bunny Surgery

This is after her eye removal surgery.

Baby Mochi

Soon after we got Mochi we filmed her antics and she was SOOO CUTE!!

Mochi's Cage

This is Mochi's new and upgraded cage!!

How to potty train a bunny

This was a very requested video because Mochi is a house bunny. Litter box training a bunny is much easier then you think!

Birthday Bunny

For Mocho's Birthday she got to unbox a Bunny Box AND did you know she can TALK!?

GoPro Bunny

Up close and personal look at bunny cuteness!