Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Gender: Female
Birthday: 2009
Age: 8

 Littlefoot was born on a farm where I used to take horseback riding lessons. Her mom was a barn cat. She was one of the last kittens left and she had an eye and lung infection.  We asked if we could take her home and we were able to get her the proper vet care that she needed. She grew up to be a healthy and sassy girl!

Littlefoot loves to talk to you and if you say something she will talk back. She loves to cuddle in bed at night but is not a lapcat. Instead, she would rather hang out a foot or two away from you.. that is her way of keeping others company. She has been to petsmart and petco before as she actually enjoys car rides and riding in the shopping cart. Her chill and confident attitude makes her the perfect cat for mini adventures.

Favorite toys: String

Favorite Treats: Littlefoot has food allergies and cannot have grains, chicken, eggs, or corn.

Videos of LittleFoot:

Cat Cave Review

LittleFoot LOVES Cat caves! We got a chance to try them out and she has been sleeping in both of them every night ever since.

LittleFoot Growing up

LittleFoot was such a cute kitten! Watch her grow!

Banana Show

Littlefoot is so cute in this episode! She is in a lot of different Banana Show episodes so be sure to watch them all!