Breed: Border Collie Mix
Gender: Female
Birthday: Nov 05 2015
Age: 2

The TALKING Border Collie with a rainbow unicorn tail!

Banana weighs about 25 lbs. but her petite size does not stop her. She loves to hike, swim, go camping, and go anywhere dogs are allowed. She has visited 13 states already even though she is only a little over two years old. No adventure is too BIG for this fun sized girl!

She loves bikejoring and is learning to dock dive. Her favorite activity is to play fetch with balls and frisbee as well as chasing her flirt pole. 

She is shy around new dogs and people but warms up to them over time. Banana LOVES to be

petted and her favorite is tummy rubs.

Banana was adopted from PAWS Chicago where they brought her in from an overcrowded shelter in Kentucky. She was adopted at about 5 months of age. Her age is a rough estimate.

Favorite toys: Soft Frisbee, Tennis Balls, Squeaky Balls, Squeaky Stuffed Animals, Tug-of-war toys

Favorite Treats: Zuke's Mini Dog Treats, Stewart Freeze Dried Treats (liver)

Videos of Banana:

Banana Show

Do you love talking pets? This family friendly show is for EVERYONE. We have over 20 episodes ..some featuring famous YouTube dogs!

Colorado Adventure

Highlight reel of our road-trip from Chicago to Colorado!

Camping with Dogs

Highlight reel of a week long trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with YouTube friends and their dogs!

Hiking with Dogs

Swimming in the lake and hiking together. Off-leash fun adventure at Beck Lake Illinois.


Bikejoring is a fun sport where your dog helps you pull the bike.

Talking Dog Unboxing

Banana loves to unbox different subscription boxes and tell everyone what she thinks of the contents.